Key figures


  • optimisez votre poste transportCreation in 2006
  • Turnover: 4,5 millions €
  • 9800 transport / year
  • Number of offices in France: 2
  • Number of platforms: 11
  • Warehousing surface area: 1000 m²

A strong experience about Scandinavia transport

The VDO France team has a long transport experience between France and Nordic countries. The presence of a Danish partner in VDO France shareholding strengthens our position on Denmark and neighboring Scandinavia countries: Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Our daily transport lines can serve import as well as export to the main economic zones or the smallest localities of farthest provinces in the whole of Scandinavia.

We carry out whole loads, part loads and combined loads transport that we consign on logistic hubs located in Oslo and Bergen in Norway; Esbjerg, Aarhus, Kolding and Copenhagen in Denmark; Malmoe, Goteborg and Stockholm in Sweden and Helsinki and Tampere in Finland.